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Kansas City, MO
(816) 645-4200

JoAnna Termini

For my soft pastel work, I use my fingertips as my paintbrushes to bring whimsical colors and designs to abstract life. 


For my mixed media/digital art photography, I create an initial pastel, watercolor, or ink sketch on paper or canvas, I then proceed to take a photo of it. I go through many tedious hours inside of many days of re-texturing and manipulating the photo on different photo-altering applications until I am satisfied with the transformed design. 


On top of my work in digital art photography/mixed media, I have an eye for finding abstract throughout everyday life using my camera. What may be overlooked by someone else, I find a way to turn it into an abstract piece. My angles and use of natural lighting, along with digital shading enhance each and every one of my pieces.


My favorite part about abstract artwork is that everyone views the same piece somewhat differently. While I create my art as an expression of my thoughts and emotions, I want my art to be attractive and engaging, allowing an audience to get lost in it and find something within it that has meaning to them. In general, most of my artwork comes from a place of joy and sorrow. I would hope that an audience can sense this and that my art expresses joyful memories and painful emotions of all kinds.

You will find that my work in mixed media/digital art photography demonstrates my captivating creativity beyond one medium. 


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